Alaina Petty

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Alaina Petty will be honored during a service project at Keystone Halls. The project will be a beautification project with potential kitchen repairs, landscaping, sitting area dedication, meal kits and cookout.

Alaina Petty was known for having two distinct sides to her. One was tough, sassy, determined and able to hold her own against anyone. The other was bright, bubbly and silly.  Both, though, were equally loved by her friends and family and continue to be what they remember her for.

From the moment she started JROTC camp this past summer, she was extremely committed to the program and all those within it. As a member of the Raiders team and the color guard, the class and the club were her favorite place to be. 

Not only was Alaina passionate about JROTC, but also she worked harder than almost anyone in the room to prove it. By spending long hours practicing with the after school teams and presenting herself as a leader in the classroom, Alaina was recognized as a valuable asset within the club early on. 


Alaina was a passionate member of her JROTC program "She would always make sure her uniform was just perfect, not because she had to, but because she cared that much" Alaina's enduring passion for the class did not go unnoticed, as she was promoted to sergeant, the highest rank a freshman could receive and was awarded Cadet of the Month during the second quarter.  

From then on the whole class would joke that Alaina would most certainly end up as the battalion commander by her senior year, commanding over the entirety of the program as the highest rank a high schooler could achieve.

"She came in with such professionalism, such curiosity... both in and out of uniform. From the moment she walked into the room she was destined to be a leader in the program... she was more than a participating cadet, she wanted to do everything," Major Peter Mahmood said.

"She was happiest when she was helping others," Megan Petty said. "She would spend her weekends going to soup kitchens and just doing things that helped others' lived, and she loved it more than anything. She felt most comfortable I think when she was sweating, working hard and making a difference."


We hope to mirror her dedication to service through serving at Keystone Halls. 


Keystone Halls is a 90-bed transitional housing facility helping provide stable residency for men and women suffering from the ravages of chemical dependency. 38 of their beds are devoted exclusively to veterans, who have special services available to them through our case management office. For the veterans they serve, they work closely with the Veterans’ Administration to make certain to maintain full access to all available services and programs. To learn more about Keystone Halls please go to: 

*information and quotes provided by the Eagle Eye Newspaper 


HandsOn Broward will be doing a good drive to assemble Active Duty Supply Kits to be sent to those currently serving our country. We are hoping to collect the following items:

  • Beef Jerky

  • Individual bags of nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, sunflower seeds, granola bars

  • Boxed of individual drink packs (crystal light, Kool aid, hot chocolate)

  • Foil packed tuna and chicken

  • Crackers, Oreos, cookies (individual packs)

  • Baby wipes (no bigger than 2 ½ wide packages)

  • Hand lotion

  • Deodorant

Items can either be purchased online and shipped directly to HandsOn Broward through this link: CLICK HERE or can be dropped off at the HandsOn Broward main office: 5815-A N Andrews Way, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 between 9am-4pm.

Please call 954-233-1300 if you have any questions.