Alex Schachter

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If there was one word to describe Alexander Logan Schachter, it would be "happy." His family and friends remember him most for his contagious smile and joyous demeanor. 

Alex participated in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Band his freshman year as a baritone player for the Eagle Regiment, the school's award-winning marching band. The Eagle Regiment requires extensive conditioning for its members with practice three or four times each week until about 9 p.m., making it a challenge to keep up with the academics and other extra curricular activities.

Practicing music was never a chore for Alex, as he had a strong passion for playing. In eight grade, Alex joined band where he thoroughly enjoyed his experience and learned to play the trombone. 

"Alex was one of the most passionate freshman coming into marching band at the beginning of the summer and when school started. Since I played the baritone for two years before becoming drum major, he would ask me for tips and tricks and always strived to be the best he could," Eagle Regiment drum major and fellow baritone player Rachael Gorman said. "Alex was an incredible musician and had an insane amount of talent."


Alex used music as a medium for self-expression, and he truly felt in tune with the world while he did. "He was always just focued, and he just loved making music; it's what he loved to do," freshman Jeremy Wechsler said. 

Alex competed at the Florida Marching Band Championships this year and was overjoyed at the outcome: the Eagle Regiment won first place. Alex felt proud of himself and his band teammates, who worked so hard to perform at their greatest caliber for the competition. 

In honor of Alex volunteers will be beautifying a local band room and it will be dedicated in his memory to inspire middle school students to partake in music activities. 

*information and quotes provided by the Eagle Eye Newspaper 

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