Cara Loughran

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Cara Loughran will be honored during a service project at Project ROC! During the service project, family and friends will be helping to restore our coastline by cleaning the beach and planting sea oats.


Cara always exhibited a heart of service. She was a passionate member of the Best Buddies Club and the Key Club and hoped to become more involved in them as she got older. The Best Buddies Club continues to take 17 seconds of silence every meeting to remember Cara and the other lost members of this club. 


"Cara was always smiling and had a positive attitude," English teacher Brittany Sinitch said. "She was caring, demonstrated empathy and was full of so much life. I will always remember her beautiful smile." 

An additional part of Cara's service project will be assisting the Carpenter House, a local sea turtle rescue. 

Cara always found an adventure at the beach, which was her favorite place to be, according to her mother. Cara began swimming before she turned one year old and instantly fell in love with it.

Project ROC! address environmental stewardship and habitat protection by engaging, educating, and activating thousands of youth and adults to help reclaim and restore Broward County’s eroding coastline. Participants are educated on the importance of natural ecosystems as they clean up beaches, remove invasive plants, and install native plants that discourage beach erosion while providing habitat for sea turtle nesting, food for pollinators, and way-stations for migratory birds at eight sites located throughout Broward County. Participants also will have the opportunity to train as Project Leaders who will mobilize volunteers at each site. To learn more about Project ROC! visit:

*information and quotes provided by the Eagle Eye Newspaper