Gina Montalto

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Gina radiated positivity into the world, spreading joy to all those she met. Her selflessness, determination and compassion for everyone and everything made her the kindest soul her parents ever met and the nicest person to her friends.  

"Gina's greatest talent was brightening a room. She was always happy walking around with a big smile on her face," her former babysitter Mary Hutchinson said.

"She's everything; she was nice and caring and selfless. She would do anything for anyone, whether she knew you or not," freshman Julia Brighton said. "I remember the time there was a bug on the floor, and Gina stopped everything she was doing just to help it." 

Gina's altruism was reflected by her participation in Girl Scout, the friendship Initiative, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School's Interact Club and her youth group at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church. Gina found her pleasure and her reward in volunteering her time to the community and wildlife. Her positive attitude spread excitement to all those she worked with, encouraging everyone to participate with a smile on their face. 

Gina lived vibrantly with her heart on her sleeve each day. Her free spirit had no regard for the judgement of others, as she fully embraced her quirkiness and uniqueness to display to the world. Gina's uniqueness and compassion made her a fun-loving spirit with all those she met. 

Art was Gina's favorite subject since elementary school when she began doodling and coloring. Since then, Gina had always taken the class in school. During her freshman year, Gina took 2D Studio Art with Lauren Rosa, and previously she had drawn for a former local magazine called Spotlight Families as well, sharing her gifts to the public. 

Gina will remain in the hearts of her family and everyone who she met. Her smile will be ingrained in their minds and her love and encouragement in their actions as the world moves forward without her presence. 

About Kids In Distress:

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*information and quotes provided by the Eagle Eye Newspaper