Luke Hoyer

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In honor of Luke Hoyer, friends and family will have the opportunity to serve the community with two of Luke’s favorite activities. A community 3-on-3 basketball game will be held at a local Boys and Girls Club, followed by a delicious meal of chicken nuggets. Those who want to help can participate in the day or donate to make the day possible (see links below).

Luke was a loving teenager known not only for his vibrant personality but also for his love of sports, especially basketball. Nicknamed “Lukey Bear” by his mom since he was a baby, he loved his family, friends, his dogs (Kacey and Tess), Clemson football, and family trips to South Carolina and the Jersey Shore. This day will allow Luke’s sweet, giving spirit to live on.

"Although a man of few words, Luke was truly a kind soul who put others before himself. If you were lucky enough to know him well, you knew of his profound imitation skills; he was always joking in good fun," friend Tyler Gaffney said. 


Luke’s friends said his friendly tone and speech always left a mark on those around him. His friends gushed about him, describing him as an amazing person who touched their lives in a way that no one else could. 


Friends also recall Luke often talking about sports with his classmates and planning neighborhood basketball games with his friends. He was a member of the Parkland Basketball Rec League since elementary school and also played with the Dunk League travel team “Triple Threat” and most recently with the Florida Frenzy travel team. ​ From an early age, Luke constantly worked towards becoming the best player he could be, often trying to emulate pro-players. He would ask his trainer, Chris Kerr, to teach him Dwayne Wade moves, his favorite player. He was excited when he found out Wade was returning to his favorite team the Miami Heat.


Luke is remembered as free-spirited, playful and witty. He touched many lives, brought happiness to all those around him, and is missed every day. His presence continues to be felt in many hearts and souls. 

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