Meadow Pollack

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Her friends and family remember her as a kind, bubbly girl with an inexhaustible amount of energy. "She was always the happiest person in the room," senior Carley Ogozaly said. "If someone was upset, she would always go out of her way to make sure that they were okay and always managed to put a smile on their face, no matter what they were dealing with."

Meadow had a unique way of creating friendships and getting along with her peers. The solutions were out of the box, but even as a kid, she found a way to make even the most challenging situation work. 

Meadows's ability to draw everyone in her life to her so closely, almost like family, is something many found admirable. Heather Schoengrund, her long-term boyfriend's mother, recalls their close relationship and how she felt that Meadow was almost like her daughter. 

Meadow's attitude toward life is as clear as the light in her eyes and is written all over her social media: "Life is what you make of it," teaching everyone who knew her about embracing the present by embodying that statement. "Life's all about who you get to spend it with and the vibe that you bring to the table, ask yourself... what is the intention you want to bring into the world," she said in a tweet in December.

Meadow knew what her intentions were. She was a girl who looked forward to moving on in life beyond high school, to take her dreams to the next level and to create a life that she would be proud to share with her close friends and her warm, tight-knit family. 

Her life will always be remembered with warmth, and she will live on forever as everyone's "princess."

In honor of Meadow HandsOn Broward is coordinating a day of service at a local animal shelter where close family of Meadows will be able to restore parts of the shelter and help socialize the animals living there.