Scott Beigel

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The friends and family of Scott will have the opportunity to serve the community in honor of Scott by helping to make a safe and enjoyable place for kids to connect at the North Lauderdale Boys & Girls Club.

As a child, at 7 years old, Scott Beigel attended a sleepaway camp know as Camp Starlight, and his positive experiences there led him to find a passion for teaching. 

Beigel continued going back to camp summer after summer. He loved not only the adventure and the games but also the lessons he learned there and the lessons he was able to teach others. 

"There was a time that we told him that is he wanted to keep going back to camp, he would have to go into the teaching profession," Linda Schulman said. 

"Scott Beigel was not only a hero on February 14, but he was a here every summer at Camp Starlight to countless individuals. He was one of the greatest mentors I've ever had, and I'm so grateful for how he impacted myself and everyone around him. I will never forget you Scott," camper Cody James Johnson said in a Facebook post.

After he joined the MSD  family, he almost immediately became involved in the cross-country program, even before he'd officially started teaching at the school. When he heard that the cross-country team would be shut down if they failed to find a coach he stepped up to the challenge, despite noticeably having zero previous experience in the sport he had just signed up to coach. 

The strongest teams are those in which each member is willing to go the extra mile for one another, and with the cross-country team is was Beigel's charisma that allowed the team to rally around one another and also push to run further and faster. 

Junior Alyssa Fletcher says: "Beigel saw life in such a unique way, a way that no one else can. He passed on his wisdom and knowledge of life to his students every day in his discussions and conversations. Everyone who knew Scott Beigel would say that he brought the light to anywhere he went." 

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*information and quotes provided by the Eagle Eye Newspaper